Second District

The first garden club on Long Island was organized in Flushing in 1914 by Mrs. John Walton Paris. There were ten clubs by 1922, and two years later Mrs. Paris' dream of a Federation of Long Island Clubs was accomplished at a meeting held at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York City. A year later, in 1925, the Long Island Federation merged with the State and became known as Second District. Only four years later, in 1929, the Federated Garden Clubs of New York State became a charter member of National Council of State Garden Clubs (now known as National Garden Clubs, Inc.), with some of the same aims and purposes we sponsor today. These are: conservation and the protection of wildflowers, encouraging civic plantings, preserving scenic and historic locations, emphasizing planting of trees and cooperating with plant societies.

Clubs in Second District, which includes Queens, Nassau and Suffolk Counties, now numbers 39 Clubs, have presented Flower Shows since the 1930s. District Shows have received many State and National Awards.

Two District meetings are held each year for members, and workshops on various phases of garden club work are held periodically. Flower Show Schools, sponsored by the State, but planned and operated by a District Chairman, have been held in the District since 1951 for garden club members who wish to become Nationally Accredited Judges, and for members
and nonmembers who wish to further their knowledge in Gardening Study, Environmental Conservation, and Landscape Design to name a few.

The first District II newsletter was published in 1939. Since 1955 it has been called The Long Island Gardener. Published four times a year, it gives members complete coverage of District and Club activities.

The aims of Second District continue to be conservation of our national resources, beautification of communities, world gardening, organization of youth clubs, sponsorship of therapy programs, scholarships, sponsorship of new clubs and education of the public.